Todd Kane, Gabriela Zuniga & Leah Boscolo
Public -by Todd Kane  |  2017 Campaign
'Immunize the girl, save the woman.' -- This important 'issue' of vaccinating our children deserves the 'cover', so we've given it one. The HPV vaccine has been the topic of much controversy around the world. As with any medication; there are risks and side effects. It's not for everyone, however learning about and developing the science is important to finding a cure. If you believe its the right choice for you, immunizing your children -- girls and boys for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) may help prevent cervical and other cancers. Learn more about HPV and determine if vaccination is right for your children at or post this link directly in your browser: Thank you for your support and interest in this important issue. Together we WILL Love Out Lavender.
Team Members/Credits:
Hair: Todd Kane
Photography: Don Thompson
Makeup: Gabriela Zuniga
Wardrobe: Sharon Ely Forsmo
Model: Leah Boscolo
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