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Nearly 3 years ago I was approached with the opportunity to support a movement that empowers the beauty industry to raise money to fight cancer. Love Out Lavender is our fight to end cancer by creating beautiful images that inspire people to join us, either financially or by creating a fundraiser of their own- or both!

My message this year is much more direct than in years past. This year I'm speaking to every man woman and child, this who've felt cancer and those who haven't. Each and every one of us can go a lifetime not noticing the pain and suffering that children with cancer face and often, we only see it when it strikes our lives directly. This year, starting today I ask each of you to SEE, really see this illness and the pain it brings to children who haven't even begun to live the lives that are about to be taken from them. Take a minute, STOP and SEE what's happening. Then and only then can we bring an end to Childhood Cancer. I can't do it alone and the battle has to start before it can end. Join me in the fight for our future. Join me and SEE a world where cancer fears children, not the other way around.

It's been my goal each year to raise money to battle for the future of our world, for our children. Childhood cancer hit not just the patient but the whole family, just as any cancer would, but the fight is often overwhelming for a body that has barley lived a life of it's own.

As a parent, I would do anything to protect my kids and in truth, I'll rally behind any fight that makes our world safer for kids. And while there are plenty of groups looking out for the safety of our kids toys and the foods they eat, I want more warriors in the fight to end an entire category of cancer. Because "childhood cancer" isn't the same as breast cancer or colon cancer. It's dozens of diseases impacting children ages 0-19 in a monumental number of ways. And even if they beat it, (which 1 in 4 don't) the frailty of their young bodies almost always results in lifelong debilitating conditions, decades shorter life expectancy and in more cases than not, they get cancer again as adults.

I SEE it, can you?
Team Members/Credits:
Hair: Adam Sculnick
Photography: Megan Ashley Photography
Wardrobe: Amber Sculnick
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Deb and Howard Sculnick
Jun 04, 2017 07:30 PM
Steve waldman
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Gary Longo
Jun 04, 2017 07:12 AM
Good luck and it's awesome meeting you. You are passionate about this cause which makes it easy to help. Keep up the good work.
Jun 03, 2017 09:45 PM