NO WORDS! By Charisma Salon
Each of us at Charisma Salon have had cancer attack our families at some point, some of us live with our survivors and some of us live with their losses. This images shows the layers of our stories. When the word cancer enters your life there is a moment when your mind knows that there are no words to say to help you find peace. So often in life we console each other with phrases to try to fill a void, to tell and show someone we care and understand, but there are just NO WORDS that can do that.

Our group effort wants to give you an image to recognize the power of those lack of words.
Team Members/Credits:
Charlene Prudhomme - Cut /Color
Kristen Benedetti - Nails
Brittany Stuchlik - Styling & finishing
Megan McNulty - model
Makeup by Rodd
Liz Dubois -illustrator (no words)
Russ Mezikofsky- photo
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