Beauty, grace, power, strength.
Do you have that person in your life who pushes you to be a better version of yourself? I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for this person, Robyn.

She has always pushed me to be a stronger me, and she has always always been there for me no matter what. She has helped me work through things that I never thought I could even speak about. She touches every single person she comes into contact with. She is the epitome of strength, love, compassion, realness, bravery, and flawless style. The fact that I might not have Robyn in my life because of cancer is what drives me to do Love Out Lavender.

I truly believe we have the power to make a difference and to fight off cancer altogether. Please consider for one second losing that person in your life that means as much to you as my person does. I know you can't right? So let's do something about it. This image is the epitome of beauty and grace, yet power and strength. It reminds me of a butterfly, spreading its wings in the face of adversity. This is what Love Out Lavender means to me. Please click the link at the end of this and donate. Even $1 makes a difference. If you cant donate then please share the link. Or share this post. Don't just sit back and wait for cancer to effect you. It already has. It effects all of us. But all of us can fight back! ????
Team Members/Credits:
Amanda Epstein, Hair. Thomas Duffy, makeup. Photography, Ksenia Poubler. Model, Julianna Missano
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