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Before her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Erika V. was like many women: a wife and mother creating a life for herself and her family. She was the family backbone and community advocate. She offered everyone she met strength and encouragement. But, cancer not only affects someone's body, it affects their mind and will as well. Erika felt the most difficult part of her journey was the hurt, the anger, and the fear associated with having no choice.Cancer robbed her, as it does most victims, of the future, of what's reality, and of who they are, who they were and who they will be. For a cancer victim, there is only the ability to take each day as it comes just to live through each step of their cancer. This is a requirement whether their loved ones want to understand it or not, whether the person is ready or not.Erika wasn't alone in her journey, but not everyone is as lucky. She is a survivor. This campaign is to help City Of Hope continue their research effort to find a cure because at some point whether it is you, or someone you know, everyone is touched by cancer. Donate and be part of the solution.
Team Members/Credits:
Hair: Shana Velazquez
Wardrobe: Erika Keenan
Photography: Ross Franklin
Model: Erika Keenan
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