Surrounded by love
Public -by Danielle Morgan  |  2017 Campaign
When someone we love or someone we care about hears that terrible word "cancer" the world as we know it crumbles around us and we feel like we can't breathe. We always will say if there is anything I can do please let me know I'm here. This fundraiser is my way of giving back to ones I care about suffering. Last years campaign was my first year and I decided to do my campaign for all cancers.

This year I chose a specific type of cancer "breast cancer". The reason I chose breast cancer was because someone I care about a client of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. As I walked into her home one night she was on the phone receiving the terrible news. I couldn't believe the strength that she showed on the phone when listening to the doctor. Once she got off the phone she just let it out and all I wanted to do was hug her and tell her everything would be ok. When she came into her kitchen where I was she apologized to me about crying and I couldn't believe it! I just gave her a hug and told her that I was so thankful for being there that night so I could be another person supporting her in a time of need.

That is why my campaign this year is called surrounded by love, because you need that love and support from family and friends to make it through something so awful. So I'm asking you to please donate to this cause and lets fight for a cure! No one deserves to go through this and we should all do our part big or small. Love you all and thank you!
Team Members/Credits:
Danielle Morgan- Hair/creator
Jenna McElroy- Makeup
Mel Ellard- Model
Russ Mezikofsky- Photographer
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