Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian Awareness Month: September


Ovarian cancer is cancer that begins in a woman's ovaries. From the ovaries, it can then spread either to the nearby organs (uterus and pelvis) or through the blood to the lymph nodes. The direct causes of ovarian cancer are unknown, and current research is expanding this field. Long believed to be a 'silent killer,' symptoms of ovarian cancer are becoming more readily known, and include bloating, pelvic pain, urinary problems and loss of hunger. Because the understanding of these symptoms is still developing, and because they are not a definitive diagnostic tool, if you have concerns you should speak to your doctor immediately.


Ovarian cancer accounts for approximately 3% of all cancers in women, and is the deadliest of the gynecological cancers. Roughly 22,000 new cases are identified each year.

*Sources: Ovarian Cancer National Alliance: http://www.ovariancancer.org/

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