Getting Started: Create a fundraiser 

  "Imagine creating an image for a magazine advertisement, billboard or poster to raise awareness and money to conquer cancer -- that's one way to Love Out Lavender.  Pick a ribbon and create a fundraiser today!"  - Nicholas French, Matrix Artistic Director

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Create a fundraiser


Select "Create a fundriaser" and choose a colored ribbon/type of cancer to inspire your fundraising campaign.  Once you've selected the ribbon, select the green  "Create a Fundraiser" tab and follow the steps to create your profile.  It's ok if you don't have all the answers or an image when you create your profile because you can update your profile by logging in any time you need to. Once you've sponsored the ribbon you will receive an email with a link to confirm your password.  It's that simple.  Now you can access and develop your fundraiser any time you want.  As a fundraiser, you have creative freedom to inspire donations any way you choose by creating an image or modifying an image you've already have.  Your message can be motivated by a personal story or that of a friend or loved one.  It can be a message of faith, hope, courage, or love and focus on prevention, survival or finding a cure.  You can sponsor a ribbon individually or as a salon, school, or manufacturer’s team.  You don’t need a completed image to create a fundraiser. Supporters can begin donating as soon as your fundrasier is up.  Check out what others are doing my selecting "Make a Donation" or use PayPal.


Step 2: Create your Image or Event


Not sure how to get started?  Post a message on the Love Out Lavender Facebook page and your facebook page asking for help.  For example you can say you are Makeup Artist in the Atlanta area looking for a photographer, model, or other creative people to help you with your Love Out Lavender Fundraiser.  Share your sponsor link and inspiration on all social media platforms.  Tap into your community of local artists, designers, and students in both the beauty & fashion industries.  Be sure to update your sponsor profile often and use social media to share your evolving concept.  It’s a great way to find help and bring supporters together.  The keys to success are to get started, ask for help, and believe in yourself.  You got this!


Step 3: Promote your Fundraiser


Post your finished image or event to, change your profile pictures to the Love Out Lavender logo, and use your sponsor link to connect people to your cause. Love Out Lavender crates a link for you to share right from your profile. Simply "share" it on facebook, twitter or instagram and write a message asking for donations.  You can also cut and paste the link into private messages or emails.  Once your friends donate, they can share with all their friends as well and write their own message of support. Your furndraising link makes it easy to find, donate, and share for everyone.  On June 1st, National Cancer Survivor's Day, the top fundraising images and their sponsors will be featured in the November issue of Modern Salon Magazine and the top 12 images featured as inspiration for the next years campaign.



Let's get started today

In June of 2014 my mother lost her battle with cancer.  Her courage inspired this movement as a means to put our creativity and passion to work for the ones we love; past, present, and future.  Please join us, put your heart into it, and together we will Love Out Lavender.



Todd Kane,

President, Founder