Step 1: Become a Fundraiser 

Become a Fundraiser and in just a few quick steps you'll be joing us and City of Hope to conquer cancer! Your Love Out Lavender fundraiser is easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to use.  Our mobile application helps you connect, inspire, and fundraise securely on any mobile device.  With your creative image, personal story and our tools, your fundraiser will be a big success!


Your fundraiser can be motivated by a personal story or that of a friend or loved one.  You can create an orginal image for your fundraiser or modify one you already have.  Your message can be of faith, hope, courage, or love and focuses on prevention, survival, or finding a cure.  You can fundraise independently or join a TEAM.


An image is not needed to get started, simply become a fundraiser and begin with a description of what inspires you. You'll find that returning to the original feeling of inspiration will help you focus and communicate your vison to others until you are ready to share your fundraiser with everyone.  



Step 2: Create your Image 


Each form of cancer has an associated CANCER AWARENESS RIBBON to help people identify with it.  Love Out Lavender encourages you to incorporate these ribbon colors into your image design. These colores immediatley connect with people affected by the cancers they are associated with. Use a traditional camera or Mobile phone.  Today's phones have excellent cameras making it easy to capture and edit yiur image for the perfect fundraiser. The higher the resolution the better so Love Out Lavender can use it on multiple platforms, including print, to help you reach as many people as possible. 


One KEY TO SUCCESS is to post a picture of your Cancer Awareness Ribbon on facebook with a simple message asking for help. For example, you can say you are a hairstylist in the Atlanta area looking for a photographer, model, or other creative people to help you conquer Ovarian cancer. 


Tap into your community of local artists, designers, and students in the beauty & fashion industries.  If you are an educator, ask other artists on your team to help.  JUST ASK -- you'll be surprised at how many people are looking for an opportunity to make a difference. Check out the TOP FUNDRAISERS OF 2017 to see how others harnessed their creativity to conquer cancer.   


Step 3: Promote your Fundraiser


Love Out Lavender makes it easy for you to share your fundraiser right from your personal page.  Share your fudraiser link: with the SHARE function from you personal fundraising page or let your friends know to "Text Lavender# to 71777 to support your campaign" We've created a standard message in each format that you can use or modify for a more personal touch.  


It's also important to ask for donations and to ask others to share your fundraiser. The ability to share is passed to each person you connect with making it easy to reach more people. Post a message to access your fundraiser on your mirror in the salon and pin it at the top of your facebook page. Your fundraising link makes it easy to find, donate, and share for everyone.  These and other great tips are available on our KEYS TO SUCCESS page.  


In June of 2014 my mother lost her battle with cancer.  Her courage inspired this movement as a means to put our creativity and passion to work to find a cure.  Please join us, put your heart into it, and together we will Love Out Lavender.



Todd Kane, Founder