- Have fun!  You're doing an amazing thing and your enthusiasm and passion will inspire others to help you.


- Use #loveoutlavender and these tags on all your posts:  @CityofHope @loveoutlavender.  If on a Brand Team, tag them as well.


- List your team members in your narrative, ie. photographer, makeup etc.


- Describe techniques, add formulations and products then tag the manufacturer.  Tag only one manufacturer in each post to increase the likelyhood of support.


- Share your inspiration with someone.  It's the perfect way to build confidence and support!


- Screen capture the 'SHARE' page of your fundraiser and post it at your station, register, and door so people can easity access from their phone and tablet.  


- Your individual keyword ie. 'Lavender__'  will connect you to anyone who texts it to 71777.


- Imagine you are creating a billboard or magazine advertisement to raise awareness and money to conqer cancer.


- Create a team of supporters to help you plan, prepare, and execute your fundraiser.


- Take multiple shots and keep them for use throughout your campaign - the change will spark more interest and engagement.


- Respond to comments - thank people for engaging AND donating.  


- Encourage donors to challengs three others to match their contirbution and then challenge three additional people using the SHARE options on your personal page.


- Make use of the "I'm conquering cancer" heart for you mirrors or window to recognize donors.  Set a goal to place hearta all around the mirror at your station.


- Make your photoshoot a Love Out Lavender Event and film behind the scenes video so you can use thoughout your campaign to generate interest and more engagement.


- PHOTOSHOP and LOGO: The 'Let's Stop Cancer" 11x17 poster allows you to place your logo over the 'Place Logo Here' graphic.  There are two ways to do this:

1) With Photoshop, open the PDF in Photoshop and add your logo -OR-

2) Download the PDF and open it with nearly any editing program you are familiar with and add the logo.

** If you wish to replace the original image with YOUR fundraising image (we highly suggest you do), you must download the 'V2' file. This file can only we manipulated by Photoshop. Most of your print organization will do this for you if you say it is for charity or for a small fee.  


- Ask for donations.