The MIRROR TALKER brings attention to your fundraiser and shows how to easily donate from a mobile device right from you chair, the coffee shop, or anywhere you connect with a potential supporter!


The POSTER lets your guests and friends know you are participating in the campaign right as they enter your creative space.  The Mirror Talker then opens the personal conversation when they are comfortably in your chair.  

Use the CONQUERING HEARTS to celebrate donors and create attention!  Make it a goal to fill your mirror or wall to inspire more participation.  There are six per sheet. Print - cut - write - post - repeat.  Celebrate your supporters and inspire others to give!


Download the official LOVE OUT LAVENDER LOGO and use it on your image or materials that directly help you fundraise.

Use the THERMOMETER to show progress and create excitement during your campaign. Simply write your goal at the top and use a red marker to fill it up. Place in a busy location so all can follow and celebrate your progress!


Download the LAVENDER PLEDGE and make a short video to share on social media.  It's a great way to engage people and let them hear the passion in your voice.